Mile High Club- Not So Much

First time using the bathroom on an airplane. I tried to hold it but after a couple of drinks (juice), my bladder said, hell to the No, NO. So I waited until forever then I politely whispered to the flight attendant, “hmm, it’s my first time using the bathroom and I’m kinda scare to use it.”
She replied, “it’s just a bathroom.”
So, with those words of encouragement I entered the ever tightly packed bathroom and closed the door.
As I started to….
The door opened and a hottie tried to get in. We both screamed.
Why does this shit happened to me all the time? This is not the way to meet a hottie.
The flight attendant screamed “you didn’t locked the door?”
Me in my own thoughts because I did not want to get arrested: “It’s so tight in here, I can’t find my ass let alone the lock!”
I need a drink. I am super embarrassed. :/

Salsa Pig by Shiloh Hunter

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