Mile High Club- Not So Much

First time using the bathroom on an airplane. I tried to hold it but after a couple of drinks (juice), my bladder said, hell to the No, NO. So I waited until forever then I politely whispered to the flight attendant, “hmm, it’s my first time using the bathroom and I’m kinda scare to use it.”
She replied, “it’s just a bathroom.”
So, with those words of encouragement I entered the ever tightly packed bathroom and closed the door.
As I started to….
The door opened and a hottie tried to get in. We both screamed.
Why does this shit happened to me all the time? This is not the way to meet a hottie.
The flight attendant screamed “you didn’t locked the door?”
Me in my own thoughts because I did not want to get arrested: “It’s so tight in here, I can’t find my ass let alone the lock!”
I need a drink. I am super embarrassed. :/

Salsa Pig by Shiloh Hunter

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Pica PicaReserve your spot, bitches.  That’s right, I don’t sugar coat a thing.  April 16th, 2016 @ 2385 Midway Rd, Suite 100, Carrollton, Texas 75006.  There’s going to be an On 2 Workshop and multiple DJ’s to include DJ Andrew Posner, DJ Ari- my favorite- ya tu sabes; DJ Jose in the Bachata room.  Da costs is 15.00!  That’s right 15 dollars for the workshop and the hours of dancing. BYOB.  If you wanna bring water, bring it!  You wanna bring cold beer, bring it.  You wanna bring a blender, ice, a bottle of Patron or any Tequila, and margarita mixer, bring it!  Just bring enough to share.  They call it a social for a reason.  You don’t know how to dance?  Bring it!  They will teach you- promise.  See ya!!! I’m giving you plenty of notice so no salgan con que “Nobody told me!”  Pics para el Facebook a must. It starts at 10 and they close until we get tired of dancing.  Bring the Hawtees w you.   medusa Meet DJ Ari “)

Shiloh Hunter /Salsa Pig


24 Hour Fitness :D

12719280_10206312921126139_766217112150878793_o (1)I choose a treadmill based on what’s playing on the TV.  This time it was a show on fishing.  So I asked the guy if he was watching the Fishing show.  He just nodded yes.  I thought there is no way he is watching this boring sht?  So I asked in dismay “you are watching this?”  He turned around and said yes.  Only this time he was looking at my eyes, lips and chest, as he began to take off his earphones.

I knew what was coming my way, so I just turned around and put my earphones on right away.  “Yes, but you cant turn the channel if you want.”

Me:  Too late, Bye Felicia-(No 2nd chances in 2016).

He only ran for 20 minutes, wuss!

RS Hunter

Salsa Pig 😀


Meet Joe Black.  redbox and ice creamI can’t think of anything more romantic than Death wanting to know what Love is.  Can you?  I must admit, I did not find this movie particularly interesting when it came out for the exception of the cast, and by cast I mean Brad Pitt.  “)

I finally made time to watch it and I fell in love with it.  After watching it repeatedly through the year, I’ve come to a resolution.  My first New Year’s resolution btw.  I have had plenty of opportunities for love through the years, and I have not taken one.  Not one.  So here it goes.  Resolution #1, I will not let L O V E opportunities pass me by.  I will actively engage in the games.  “May the odds be forever in your favor.” LOL

Salsa Pig

by RS Hunter


I always have been kind at heart.  soulmateI don’t have hate towards anyone, no matter how unkind they may have been towards me or my family, but my heart has lost the meaning of love and joy through the years with the loss of my loved ones.  The ones that I carry in my Spirit.  I became arrogant, and prideful and that is as far as my accountability goes to the personal and professional storm that God has allowed to be carried out against me.  I have learned to be confident, resilient and rebellious as I weather the storm or perhaps the storm awakened those dormant attributes in me.  Moving right along, I took a car that is on its last leg to get an oil change.

I should be driving a BMW or at least a decent new car.  I have a Bachelor’s degree and had 2 national certifications in critical and demanding areas in my field.  I lived and breathed for my profession.  I knew every aspect of my field and had no mercy for df(s) at the bedside who were in charge because in my field, if you are a df, you must not take a leadership position or accept one that is handed to you because lives are at stake.  So, I refused to engage in conduct and the other person’s bruised ego, and position of power became the catalyst for my professional storm.

Instead, I pulled into Wal-Mart’s  auto shop for an oil change en una carcacha.  The car’s color is unrecognizable.  The windows have a glimpse of the tainted sheet that once protected the UV rays from its occupants, and allowed some type of privacy for them as well.  It only has one shoe left (tire cap).  I believe it is at almost at 300 miles and the rear view mirror just fell out.  I was so embarrassed to drive it in that condition, but it really is all I can do at the moment.

“What color is this car?” Said the mechanic after trying for several minutes to discern the car’s color.  “Black,” I repeated while trying to cover my face with my open hand as if I was going to cough or something.  I couldn’t think of another way to become invisible.  “I’m trying to drive this car to the ground.” I said to the mechanic  “Well, little lady, I think you’re almost there.” said the mechanic.

Car Diagnosis:  “It has two big leaks.  The oil and the transmission are leaking,” he almost whispered enabling my feelings of inadequacy at the time as he winked at me.  His winked wasn’t flirtatious.  It was like a wink that Santa would give one as he is caught leaving Christmas gifts under the tree and takes a bite of his Christmas cookies.

Christmas!!! Oh, crap! Nothing to give…… More humbling lessons to learn I guess.

Salsa Pig by

Shiloh Hunter




Pay it Forward

friends4everHeavenly Father, God of Power and Might, my friend, Sofia Aldana continues to carry her cross which has weighed down more with the devastating medical burden of a stroke, and the sequelae of events which include its current and subsequent rectifying procedures. Father, we still need this angel on earth. I ask you to ease the burden with a full miraculous recovery, and for your mercy for her, her family and her dog, Lola. lola waiting

I ask this in Jesus name, your Son who lives and reigns, Amen….And Father if there’s anyone out there that needs an opportunity to pay it forward, I ask you to direct their heart and soul to this cause: