Alcohol Is By The Pharmacy

I woke up Thanksgiving morning to the sweet smell of- nothing, and the sounds of- nothing. Suddenly I felt the urge to rejoice. Could it be? Could today my wish of not eating turkey on Thanksgiving be granted?

Then my phone started going off. “We” have to cook and it has to be ready by noon.

I don’t mind eating like a schizophrenic, cooking like one though… Yeah, I have a problem with that.

First item on my list, Tequila and every Liquor store was closed, except Walmart.

“Excuse me? Where’s the alcohol? I asked.

“It’s by the pharmacy,” a staff member answered.

Me, “Yeah, it’s not that type of pain.”

He had no idea what I was looking for, but in a matter of seconds Santa’s helpers filtered through the isles to point me in the right direction-out of state because Walmart did not have alcohol at this location.

Aztk Princss by Shiloh Hunter

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I’m usually pretty discipline about staying away from sweets…..

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m a fat a$$- currently, but not for long, and that’s not the point.

I went to Costco and there they were, the pumpkin pies.

I’m usually under control with any pumpkin pie, except Costco’s.

I was under a spell that could only be broken once a decent size slice of Costco’s pumpkin pie fed my face.

Word to the wise, is large, delicious and less than 6 bucks.

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

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Is it me, or weren’t the earlier Blade Runners movies about vampires? So, I sat my a$$ down to a big popcorn w butta and slurped on a drink waiting for the first glance of a vampire, the one that glitters in the sunlight preferably. “) And soon I was captivated by Ryan Glossing, I mean the plot about bioengineered humans that were having babies- real ones. I swear this movie was probably as long as the Titanic movie but I wasn’t complaining. Yeah, he’s HOT!!!! Then Harrison Ford strikes back (no punt intended) with “when you love someone, you have to be a stranger to them.” Wahhhh, wahhhh, fighting down the tears. Actually, no, I’m good, that’s residue from being sick over yhe weekend. Twilight who? What? Vampires that glitter? Oh, got it. #teamedward Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter (C) Copyright. All rights reserved.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA (sinister laugh)

Yay, Halloween is here, despite the Santa Clauses near the cash registers. I forgot my costume, and I can’t find my Midnight Blue lipstick.

I found some stickers for my face and my Saphire Siren lipstick from Maybelline. It is what it is.

I must make a Monster gathering tonight before midnight and I just don’t think I have time to go get my costume……….

Aztk Prncss by Shuloh Hunter

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Lips Have 2 B Bold for HALLOWEEN

I’ve been looking for a daring and bold color of lipstick for Halloween, and I was shocked to find out that not many companies had anything different than the usual reds, and rose’s. I thought that for sure RIMMEL would have some? They did but in what looked like a lip gloss not so much your classic lip stick,

and then out of left field comes Maybelline! Maybelline? So I bought the 835 Saphire Siren. Oooooo I want the 840 Midnight Blue! Oh, Budget rules, how I hate you.

Ready to be scary bold FOR HALLOWEEN-MUAHAHAHAH (sinister laugh).

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

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It’s Deer Season!

“It’s Deer Season,” they said, as I wrap around my scarf and put on my super warm gloves while a kind soul opened the door offering the drizzling rain, a place to warm the fuck up.

There’s this place up the road that fattens up deer and for a fee; you can stay up in a cottage and hunt deer. “They guarantee a kill,” they say.

But thats not what they’re talking about. They want me to not run over the deer on the road. Be it that I already killed a raccoon last week.

It’s a tough crowd, folks. Tough nosey crowd.

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

(C) Copyright. All rights reserved.