MUAHAHAHAHAHA (sinister laugh)

Yay, Halloween is here, despite the Santa Clauses near the cash registers. I forgot my costume, and I can’t find my Midnight Blue lipstick.

I found some stickers for my face and my Saphire Siren lipstick from Maybelline. It is what it is.

I must make a Monster gathering tonight before midnight and I just don’t think I have time to go get my costume……….

Aztk Prncss by Shuloh Hunter

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Lips Have 2 B Bold for HALLOWEEN

I’ve been looking for a daring and bold color of lipstick for Halloween, and I was shocked to find out that not many companies had anything different than the usual reds, and rose’s. I thought that for sure RIMMEL would have some? They did but in what looked like a lip gloss not so much your classic lip stick,

and then out of left field comes Maybelline! Maybelline? So I bought the 835 Saphire Siren. Oooooo I want the 840 Midnight Blue! Oh, Budget rules, how I hate you.

Ready to be scary bold FOR HALLOWEEN-MUAHAHAHAH (sinister laugh).

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

(C) Copyright. All rights reserved.